House Doctor Forrest ruukku 22 cm



Forrest-ruukun pinta hieman metallinhohtoinen ja rosoinen. Halkaisija 15 cm ja korkeus 22 cm. Väri: ruskeansävyinen. Käytä Forrestia ruukkuna, maljakkona tai kynttilälyhtynä.

Give your flowers or plants a stylish look with a stunning planter. With Forrest from House Doctor, you get a beautiful and elegant planter that creates a cool, rustic atmosphere in the home. Place the planter on top of a dresser, on your dining room table or simply on the floor with a stunning bouquet of freshly cut flowers or a gorgeous plant. This planter comes in a nice, metallic colour adding a cool and unique look that has to be experienced. Dimensions: dia.: 15 cm, h.: 22 cm.