House Doctor HD Wan kastelukannu 2 litraa, tummanpunainen



House Doctor HD Wan kastelukannu 2 litraa, tummanpunainen. Materiaali: galvanisoitu metalli. Väri: tummanpunainen / messinki. Mitat: 36x25x13 cm. Klassisen muotoinen kastelukannu on pihan, terassin tai parvekkeen kaunistus.

l: 36 cm, h: 25 cm, dia: 13 cm

Add color and charm to your garden with the small Wan watering can from House Doctor. The brass rose complements the classic burgundy for an elegant touch. When you do not use it to water your plants, place it by your outdoor furniture or elsewhere as a colorful piece of décor in your garden. The watering can is made of galvanized steel and can hold up to 2 liters